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Premade Bag Packaging Machine Intriduction:

This packing machine is a horizontal giving bag packing machine. FUBO is one of the premade pouch packing machine manufacturers in China. The machine is a single-feed bag horizontal automatic packaging machine, which is composed of liquid and paste metering pump feeding system and horizontal bag packing machine unit. We can supply all kinds of premade bag packaging machine, such as single station premade pouch packing machine, double station pick fill seal machine, premade bag powder filling sealling machine, premade bag granular packaging machine, premade pouch liquid packing machine, premade zip lock bag powder filling machine, etc.

Premade Pouch Liquid Packing Machine Applications:
This packaging machine is suitable for liquid and paste products in food, health care industry, daily chemical and medicine industry, such as hotpot sauce, enzyme beverage, detergent liquid, juice, chili sauce, ketchup, laundry detergent, yogurt, peanut sauce, fruit jam, salad dressing and so on. All kinds of different liquid and paste filling devices can be sealected according to the nature of the filling material.


       Hotpot Sauce                          Ketchup                               Yogurt                                Fruit Jam                            Chili Sauce                          Peanut Sauce

Liquid packaging machine premade bag packaging materials: PE composite material, single-layer PE, CPP composite material, aluminum foil, etc.

Premade pouch liquid packing machine can do filling sealing for such bag types as 4/3 sides sealed pouch, stand bag, stand up zip lock bag, irregular shaped pouch, stand up zipper pouch, linking pouch, and so on.

Premade bag packaging machine sample pouch:

                                 juice bottle shape pouch filling machine                     irregular bottle shape pouch packing machine                laundry detergent packing machine 

 stand up pouch     4 sides seal pouch packing machine          4 sides seal pouch sauce packing machine  

Horizontal Type Premade Bag Packaging Machine Description

Premade pouch packing machine does material dosing and filling, placing premade bags, flip-out pouch-picking unit, pouch opening and air blowing, filling, pouch stretching, top sealing and finishing product output fully automatically with a packaging speed of 30-60pcs per minute. it can be selected according to customer requirements, automatic bag press device, exhaust, date printer, zip opening and hole punch are optional.

This premade bag packaging machine can be installed with multi-head weighing, powder auger filling, liquid pump, paste pump and other blanking equipment. If the packaged products need powder and particle mixing, liquid and paste mixing packaging, you can also install two kinds of feeding equipment.

Premade bag packing machine Features:
  1. 1. This premade pouch liquid packing machine is one button operation, fully automatic packing and requires no manual operation;

  2. 2. The packaging machine adopts intelligent temperature control system, automatic sealing, temperature control precision. Nice and elegant sealing;

  3. 3. Premade bag packing machine production speed, long service life, convenient maintenance and replacement;

  4. 4. Packing machine equipped with intelligent testing equipment, filling and sealing if has bag, no filling and sealing if no bag;

  5. 5. No need add accessories and easy adjustmant when changing bag type. packing machine is suitable for all kinds of regular bags or irregular shape bags;

  6. 6. This packing machine liquid and paste device filling part can be washed directly to avoid the power supply part;

  7. 7. The liquid and paste packing machine is madeof stainless steel material, beautiful and durable.

Premade pouch packing machine parameters:
Min.bag(w'l)65 x 130mm110 x 150mm90 x 110mm90 x 110mm70 x 110mm 
Max.bag(w*l)180 x 250mm240 x 320mm180 x 225mm225 x 250mm90 x 225mm         
Max Filling1000ml2000ml1000ml2000ml300ml
Film Thickness60-180y60-180q60-180u60-180q60-180y
Max Reel500mm500mm500mm500mm500mm
Inner Reel70-80mm70-80mm70-80mm70-80mm70-80mm



With the continuous development of society, as apackaging machine manufacturer can not stop the development. It is necessary to follow the development trend of society, meet the needs of customers for packaging machines, and customize the corresponding premade bag liquid packing machine according to customer requirements. In the end, the packaging machine industry will be indispensable part of people's lives, become more convenient and fast.

As our leading packaging machinery supplier, FUBO packing machine specialize in providing top-quality and durable for foods, medicine, chemical, daily industry and so on. Welcom to contact us for packing machines.

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