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Vertical Form Fill Seal Packaging Machine:

  There are countless options in the packaging machine market, of which vffs packing machines are ooften used for powder, granular, liquid and paste packaging, is widely used in a variety of industries. Due to the divertsity of vertical packing machines, various companies will be confused in the selection, it is difficult to choose a high-quality vffs packing machine with safety, stability, flexibility and efficiency. 

  Here will be a detailed introduction to our company's vertical liquid and paste packing machine, so that customers can better understand our company's products, reduce your confusion in choosing vffs packing machine, to help you find the best vertical packaging machine. These packaging machines are efficient , easy to maintain, beautiful and durable, easy to operate, high safety, and can provide customers with more perfect packaging products. In addition, our company provides customized options to provide vertical liquid packing machine according to customer's product requirements, and strive to satisfy customers.

VFFS Packing Machine Applications:

The workflow of the vffs packing machine, from film input, date printer, liquid and paste filling, bag former, vertical sealing, horizontal sealing, cutting device and finished product output is fully automatic.

Vertical Form Fill Seal packaging machine is widely used in food, medicine and chemical industries, it is suitable for packing many different liquid and paste products: such as honey, ketchup, shampoo, shower gel, laundry detergent, chocolate sauce, fruit jam, milk, juice, vinegar, enzyme beverage, soy sauce, etc.


        Fruit Jam                            Ketchup                            Shampoo                       Chocolate Sauce                         Vinegar                                Honey

Advantages of vertical form fill seal packing machine:

In the seletion of vffs packing machine need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the product, understand customer needs. For customers to introduce the products that meet their requirements, the following is the advantages of packing machine to help you understand the product more.

  1. 1. Safety Of VFFS Packing Machine      In the purchase of packaging machine, there are strict requirements for the safety of packing machine. Our products are equipped with safety protection and meet the safety management requirements of enterprises. At the same time      the packaging machine is equipped with a fault display system, which can eliminate machine faults in time. Therefore, it is very safe during the working process of the packing machine;

2. Durability Of VFFS Packing Machine      When selecting a packaging machine, ensure that it is made of high-quality materials. The body of the packing machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which has good high temperature and corrosion resistance. The vertical packing machine can be detachable, and its sealing and cutting equipment can be replaced according to the bag type of the bag, and more bag types can be made. More in line with customer requirements for durability;

3. The Beauty Of Packaging Machine      The design of the packing machine should consider the beauty of the overall shape of the machine, the appearance is simple and generous, the mechanism is compact, and the space is saved. The shape of the packaging machine is beautiful, so that people can be more clear about the packaging process when using, convenient adjustment and operation;

4. The Efficiency Of The Packaging machine      The system of the vffs packing machine is controlled by the computer system, which can be quickly installed on the site and easy to operate. Using liquid and paste pump feeding device, the packaging process is smooth, no downtime. Can store a variety of different product parameters, in the replacement of packaging products do not need to reset the parameters, effectively improve the efficiency of the packing machine;

5. Easy To Maintain      When the liquid packing machine is working at a high frequency, it needs to be maintained. At the same time, the packing machine must be kept clean so that the packaged product can ensure a high level of hygiene. To do this, we have designed our machines to be detachable for easy cleaning and maintenance;

6. Customization Options For Packaging Machines      We will customize the packing machine according to the packaging requirements of customers. For example,  according to the fluidity of the packaging liquid and paste, relative blanking equipment is equipped. Or according to the bag type of packaging bag, equipped with relative sealing and cutting mold. These can be customized according to the customer's requirements for the bag type.

VFFS Liquid And Paste Packing Machine Sample Sachet:

The bag type produced by this packaging machine is a stick sachet with cut round corner, with easy tearing design, you can choose different shapes of easy tearing according to customer requirements.

It can provide customers with stick  sachet, stick sachet with cut round corner, stick sachet with easy to open, sachet with zigzag, sachet with flat cut, 3 sides seal sachet, 4 sides seal sachet, pillow sachet, etc.

Applicable to making materials: OPP, PE, PVC, OPP/CPP, OPP/PE, PET/VMPET/PE

honey sachet packaging machine                             liquid packing machine              sticksachet packing machine        

VFFS Liquid And Paste Packing Machine Parameters:
PACKING SPEED/MINUTE25-50 bags/minute

Width: 20 mm-150 mm

Length: 30 mm-180 mm

POWER110v/220v/380v customized
WEIGHT300 kgs/set
SIZE OF MACHINE1000*750*2300mm


Summing it up, vffs honey packing machine recommended in this paper is not only efficient, but also easy to operate, beautiful shape design, but also save space. It is the preferred packaging machine for many food, chemical and daily industried. VFFS honey stick sachet packing machine are exported to many countries, such as Russia, Mongolia, Dubai, etc. Thankfully, we have decades of experience, which allows us to provide expert advice that can help you make the right choice. If you are interested in buying, welcome to contact us for purchase VFFS liquid and paste packing machine.

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