Everything you need to know about VFFS stick bag packing machine with auger filler & cups filler

January 12, 2024

This vffs packing machine is known for auger filler and cups filler packing double feeding equipment and is considered a high quality VFFS granular and powder mixing sachet packing machine. VFFS sachet packing machines are often chosen to package powder products such as coffee powder, milk powder, lotus root powder, coconut powder, rice flour, and granular products such as jujubes, wolf berries, chia seeds, nuts, dried fruits. The VFFS packing machine can not only separate the powder or particles individually. At the same time, powder and particles can also be mixed according to customer requirements, and nuts or dried fruits can be added to the packaging of milk powder and rice powder. 

This is why many customers are willing to buy vffs stick sachet packing machine with filler and cups filler. If your company's products need to mix powder and particle packaging, you can buy this vffs packing machine. If you don’t know about vffs sachet packing machine with auger & cups fillers and how they can benefit you, this article is just for you.

vffs granular and powder packing machinery       vffs granular and powder packing machinery layout

Top 5 advantages of having vffs packing machine with auger filler & cups filler

Now, come to why you need to VFFS granular and powder packaging machine in your products. If you use a powder and granular sachet packing machine you can package different powder and particle products, packaging different bag types. Following are some significant benefits you can clients.

1.High production efficiency 

One of the most significant advantages of the auger filler and cups filler packaging machine is the high packaging efficiency, which is faster than the ordinary single-feed packing machine. If you want to improve the production efficiency of the packing machine, you can choose this powder and granules packing machine.

2.Ease of operation

In order to facilitate the operation of workers, we have simplified the design of the packaging. Such a vffs granular and powder mixing packing machine is easy to operate and can be quickly picked up and operated. Because it is a double feeding equipment packing machine, it can not only be mixed with double packaging, but also can be packaged separately in powder or particle. Our design makes it easy for staff to switch between double or single cut packaging. Therefore, if you buy a vffs packing machine with auger filler & cups filler, do not worry about not operating.

3.Quality and durability

The VFFS stick sachet packing machine with auger filler and cups filler is also known to be very durable. Packaging materials are usually made of stainless steel SS304 and 316L, and are usually made of high-quality materials. Such powder and granules sachet packing machines are high quality and durable and can be used for a long time.

4.Cost saving 

The vffs packing machine with auger filler and cups filler is very cost effective. If you buy a powder and granular mixing packaging machinery, you can not only improve production efficiency, but also save labor costs. And a vffs stick sachet packing machine with auger filler & cups filler can package three kinds of products, powder, particles, and mixed packaging of two kinds of materials.

5.Packing machine safety

When the packaging is working for a long time, small failures will inevitably occur. If it is not found in time to repair, but also let it continue to work, it will be dangerous. vffs packing machine have a variety of protection functions and alarm systems, such as overheating protection, circuit breaker protection, etc. The safety of the packaging machine is strictly required to avoid machine failure and protect the safety of workers.


VFFS stick sachet packing machine with auger filler & cups filler is very underrated, and a lot of people know the advantages of this packing machine. If you buy a vffs sachet packing machine with auger filler and cups filler to package your products, it will increase the sales of your products and make the company develop better. Hence, we hope this article was beneficial for understanding everything about the powder and granular mixing packing machine and also the advantages for your products. Stay tuned for more. If you are interested in VFFS powder and granular stick sachet packing machines, please contact us.

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